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TLSN’services - including out-of-court, judicial, arbitration or ADR legal assistance - are offered counting on an established network of own offices and legal correspondents and advisors in Europe, the USA, Canada, South America, Central America, the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, Asia (China, India, Malaysia, Japan). Toriello LSN' aim is to deliver the highest level of expertise and care.

China leasing 2013

Leasing under western laws at the 7th Tianjin International Equity Forum.

3° Lugano Commodity Forum 4/5 june 2014

We will be present at the forum.

Cologne Cargo Claims Conference
Legal issues in pharma and foodstuff trade

Richard Eyre giving speech at Fedespedi/ALSEA seminar on "Customs and legal compliance issues in pharmaceuticals and foodstuff trade towards China and the USA"

Cargo Governance e Modelli di Cooperazione
Piracy issues: an update from Italy


Alessandra Petillo speaker at the Med security summit in Genoa on 17th Sept. 2015 on piracy issues


Mendrisio 25th April 2016: seminar on freight forwarding law and insurance issues
Lugano trainees 2016 with Prof. Fabio Toriello
Confindustria Piacenza 2016

Prof.Avv. Fabio Toriello as lecturer at Confindustria Piacenza seminary

Leghorn Propeller Club

Matteo Vannucci, member of Toriello LSN in Leghorn, elected as Secretary General of  the Leghorn Propeller Club

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